A. About the RockMass.net site

Constructions in rock, such as tunnels, caverns and shafts generally involve so large volumes that the properties of the rock mass cannot be measured in the laboratory, and seldom in the field. Therefore, the rock mass properties have to be determined mainly from observations in the field.

This web page gives you information on how field observations can be performed and used in practical rock engineering.  The Rock Mass index (RMi) system has been developed as a tool in this field. Some parts of the RMi system are also described in the Handbook on Engineering geology and rock mechanics, issued by the Norwegian Rock Group affiliated ISRM and IAEG. Also the textbook Rock Engineering, now in a Second edition contains useful information on classification systems, including the RMi system.

The rockmass.net website has also information on other items related to engineering geology, rock engineering and design, as well as to rock mechanics for information and help to those involved in applied geology in rock constructions.


B. Information on the RockMass company

The RockMass consulting company works in the fields of engineering geology and rock engineering with vast Scandinavian and international experience.


C. Information on the author of the rockmass.net site

Dr. Arild Palmström, the author of this web site, has a M.Sc. from the Norwegian Technical University of Norway in 1967 and Ph.D. from the Oslo University, Norway in1995. He has more than 40 years of experience in applied geology, rock engineering and design.

Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

“Good engineering geologists must be good geologists who understand engineering needs. Good geotechnical engineers must be good engineers who understand the help that geology can bring.”   Peter Fookes, 2000