Geological Information

Published on February 14 2015

The geological setting is generally a prerequisite for a good understanding of the ground conditions in the project area. Often a general geological map exists in scale between 1: 50,000 and 1:100,000.  For large projects, a separate or additional geological mapping is often conducted.  A wrongly geological base may cause wrong interpretations as described in the paper by Winter et al, 1994 and hence strongly influence on the construction of the project.

You will find a geological timescale here and here (/files/geo_timescale.pdf) and in website 
(note that Tertiary has been changed into Paleogene and Neogene)

More on geological times can be found on International Commission on Stratigraphy

In addition you can find a simple overview of the geological history in Norway 
and a short introduction to rockmass composition.

Important quotations are presented below from time to time:

“Good engineering geologists must be good geologists who understand engineering needs. Good geotechnical engineers must be good engineers who understand the help that geology can bring.”   Peter Fookes, 2000